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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is clinically known as lateral epicondylitis. It is a condition caracterized by sharp pains on the outside of the elbow and at times into the upper arm.

Someone with tennis elbow will experience significant pain when gripping a small object , turning a doorknob, opening a jar, or lifting the kettle or a shopping bag.

The pain can be bearable at first, but if tennis elbow is not treated it can progressively get worse to the point of becoming debilitating and  some patients may even find it difficult to hold objects like a pen or a cup.

Tennis elbow is most commonly caused by an over-use injury to the forearm muscles or the wrist extensors to be more precise but can occasionally also be caused by a blow to the outside of the elbow.

The repetitive use causes  inflammation at the point where the extensor muscles attach to the elbow leaving it tender to touch.

A chiropractor will always check your neck for any dysfunction as a loss of spinal movement can lead to a weakness in the arm muscles. This can at times be an underlying cause as you stand a greater risk of incurring tennis elbow if you have weak forearm muscles and then engage in some sort of activity that puts a lot of strain on your elbows.

These activities can include playing racquet sports, using a screwdriver or sitting with your wrist extended while on the computer which is why we will include a big discussion about hobbies, lifestyle etc.

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