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Using an iPad can give you Neck and Shoulder Pain

The iPad has revolutionized the way we all surf the web, watch videos, catch up on our emails and play games, however be aware that the way most people handle the tablet can lead to chronic neck or shoulder pain and even headaches.

Since the ipad came out we have at the clinic certainly seen an increasing number of people complaining of a sore neck, shoulder tension and cervicogenic headaches (headaches coming from the neck)

It is the looking down for extended periods with the head being held in a forward position that is the cause of the problem. This position loads the discs in the neck and puts a lot of strain on the neck muscles and ligaments which can over time cause a neck problem.

The worst posture for tablet computing is holding the device in your lap since it forces you to bend your neck significantly. Therefore, avoid sitting with the iPad on your lap as this position puts the greatest amount of stress on the neck muscles.  Instead put a couple of cushions on your lap and place the iPad on top, as this will make you sit in a more upright position.

Or even better, place your iPad on a table or other surface that raises the height of the tablet and consider connecting a separate keyboard to the device while typing. This position places the least amount of stress on your muscles, discs and ligaments which will help prevent neck, back and shoulder pain from iPad usage.

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