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What do we treat?

  • Lower back pain: As you go through life, a slight loss of proper movement of the bones/joints can interfere with the healthy working of your spine, and the nerves that pass through it. This can lead to pain.
    We, unlike painkillers, treat the cause of the problem by using specific manual adjustments to free up the stiff joint(s).
  • Neck and related Shoulder pain: Your neck supports the weight and movement of your head and also contains the vast majority of nerves that connect from your brain to the rest of the body. Losing proper movement in the joints of your neck may interfere with the healthy working of the nerves. This can lead to pain.
    Driving, computer work, repetitive lifting and poor posture all put a lot of strain on the neck joints and muscles.
  • Headaches (cervicogenic): Problems affecting the bones (vertebrae) in your neck may cause headaches and be a contributory factor in both migraines and tension headaches.
    Chiropractic helps by relieving tightness in your neck/shoulder muscles and by improving mobility in the joints of the neck and upper back.
  • Wear and tear: Like tooth decay, degeneration of your joints happens without you knowing and it happens slowly, to all of us. Generally, our bodies compensate for this, and we feel little or no pain. However, slight loss of proper movement in a worn joint may cause nerve irritation and inflammation which could lead to pain.
    We can’t stop you getting old, but we might stop you feeling it! by improving the muscle and joint function.
  • Servicing your spine: Regular check-ups can help keep your body in good working order. Don’t wait for problems to start.
  • And many more: If unsure give us a quick call on 0141 570 0090. We will be happy to answer your questions.

We offer a Free Spinal Health and Posture Check if you are unsure whether chiropractic is the answer for you. To book, please phone the clinic for a 15 min free appointment on 0141 570 0090.

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